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The principle task of the tracking system is to provide efficient reconstruction of charged-particle tracks and precise measurements of their momenta. It also has to provide measurements of track directions for the reconstruction of Cherenkov rings in the RICH detectors.

The main tracking system comprises four tracking stations: one station ("TT") is located between RICH1 and the LHCb dipole magnet, three stations ("T1-T3") are located between the magnet and RICH2. Two detector technologies are employed:

  • The Outer Tracker uses straw-tube drift chambers with 5 mm cell diameter and covers the largest fraction of the detector sensitive area in stations T1-T3. The largest station will cover a sensitive area of 720 cm x 600 cm.
  • The Silicon Tracker uses silicon microstrip detectors with a strip pitch of approximately 200 mum. It covers the entire TT station and a cross-shaped area around the beam pipe in stations T1-T3. Its total senstive surface is approximately 11 m2

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